IEC 60127-2 Ed. 3.1 b:2020

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Miniature fuses – Part 2: Cartridge fuse-links CONSOLIDATED EDITION
standard by International Electrotechnical Commission, 09/14/2020


IEC 60127-2:2020 relates to special requirements applicable to cartridge fuse-links for miniature fuses with dimensions measuring 5 mm x 20 mm and 6,3 mm x 32 mm for the protection of electric appliances, electronic equipment and component parts thereof, normally intended for use indoors. It does not apply to cartridge fuse-links for appliances intended to be used under special conditions, such as in corrosive or explosive atmospheres. This standard applies in addition to the requirements of IEC 60127-1. The object of this standard is to define special and additional test methods for cartridge fuse-links applying in addition to the requirements of IEC 60127-1.

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