ASSE (Plumbing) 1035-2020

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Performance Requirements for Laboratory Faucet Backflow Preventers
standard by American Society of Sanitary Engineering, 2020



Laboratory Faucet Backflow Preventers are designed to protect the potable water supply from pollutants or contaminants which enter the system by backflow due to backsiphonage or backpressure when faucets are connected via hose connection to various laboratory devices. This standard applies only to those devices classified as backflow preventers that are designed for installation on laboratory faucets on the discharge side of the last shut-off valve. These devices are not for use under constant pressure conditions. These devices consist of two independently acting check valves, force loaded or biased to a normally closed position, and between the check valves a means for automatically venting to atmosphere, force loaded or biased to normally open position.

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